Massively Grow Your Business and Free Your Time with the Credit Repair Industries Only

Attorney Based Outsourcing

Dispute <strong><em>Processing</em></strong>

Get the highest quality Attorney based dispute letters for the credit bureaus and creditors at the most affordable price

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Customer <strong><em>Service</em></strong>

Our team of expertly trained support representatives handle all of your clients needs and communication.

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Expert <strong><em>Sales</em></strong>

You need closers to get your clients converted. Our experts in sales close your deals and stay in touch with our automation.

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Do What You Do Best, And Outsource the Rest!

Industry <em><strong>Vets</strong></em>

Rely on the same systems we operate our multi-million dollar business with.

Results <em><strong>Leaders</strong></em>

Trusted by thousands of credit repair companies for coaching .

Position yourself for unprecedented growth

You have a dream to massively grow your credit repair business to achieve a lifestyle that few people even dare attempt. Our passion is to give you everything we can so you can reach your goals. We focus on giving you the tools you need to massively grow your business without the headaches of staffing and benchmarking. Whether you are spending countless hours grinding on your own, or have a great team and need extra support, we can help!

Skip the<strong><em> Risk</em></strong> Get the <strong><em>Growth</strong></em>

Hiring staff to grow your business puts you in a risky position. You have monthly salaries, office equipment, management, time off, liability for mistakes, and the risk of them walking out.

Hiring just 2 two processors at $10 hourly to handle the work load will cost over $3,500 in payroll fees, $500 in software fees, and $250 monthly in paper and ink fees, computer, desks, utilities, and other fees will cost you over $70K yearly to process 200 clients.

Outsourcing these same 200 clients will cost you only $30K a year giving you an extra $40,000 in your pocket, and 0 risk.


Savings in staffing costs


Increase Your Business <em><strong>Lower Your Cost</strong></em>

*pricing based on volume visit the page for more infromation

We can help you

Grow Your

Credit Repair Business!

01 <strong><em>Transparency</em></strong>

It is your business. Our mission is to fully and transparently communicate what is happening with your clients.

02 <strong><em>Value</em></strong>

Service is just the starting point. We strive to bring massive value to your business in any area we can.

03 <strong><em>Results</em></strong>

Because at the end of the day results are all that matter and for us to grow together you need a team to perform for you.

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